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  • Toronto X-tra Magazine Review of Strictly Platinum

    There's this groovy chick on the scene called Princess Superstar, aka Concetta Kirschner. She's straight outta Pennslyvania (via New York's Lower Eastside) and she's buile her own trailer-trash hip-hop sound on the stolen samples of some of rock's most bloated, including David Bowie and the Beatles (all right owned by tabloid superstar Michael Jackson).

    Anyway, this queen of copyright law's 10 Most Wanted list is burning rubber down the highway to lawsuit hell. This month, Toronto was lucky enough to host two of her sizzling live shows. Okay, like most rap acts, the CD sound better than the live version, but getting a close up look at her Edge Sedgwick eye make-up and the sweaty, beer-bust atmosphere more than made up for it.

    Princess Superstar has the alt. rocker boys scratching their balls and heads simultaneously. And it's not just because of her platinum hair, cheap rubber platforms and lycra Spyder ski pants with sewn-on knee pads. In one of the most embarrassingly honest admissions of the year, on-line music mag Addicted to Noise proclaimed: "We don't get it either."

    And why, you ask? Because unlike most bands desperately seeking more sponsorship money and bigger tour buses, this little Superstar is not afraid to bite back the hand that feeds her backstage deli trays. Concetta Kischner is more genuinely rude, nervy, entertaining and obnoxiously anti-corporate than Oasis, Urge Overkill, and Ministry put together.

    What's more, Concetta is really smart, cocky and funny. I caught up with her at the Exclaim magazine fifth anniversary party and asked her why she thought the music biz brass wasn't banging her door down with court orders. "It's because I sucked their cocks so good," she reported, with a smile wide enough to show her fangs.

    Another theory is that every rock mag in the US is poised to report on the presumably inevitable obliteration of her legal and financial future when they finally yank the album and throw the book at her. Picture the headlines: Bankrupt Princess Sued For $8-billion By Jilted Choreographer Formerly Known As Mr. Lisa Marie Presley. The movie rights alone should get her a gold card at Versace (pronounced ver-sase for Showgirls buffs) when she gets out of jail. Wow, what a survivor.

    — Jane Farrow

    Article reprinted without permission.