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  • The Unofficial Wu-Tang Clan Maling List Newsletter Review of the Xmas single

    RATING: * * * *

    So who's this white girl with the funky beats and sweet flow? She's none other than Princess Superstar, a lady who isn't afraid to be funny and sexy in a genre where those two elements aren't often mixed. While Lil' Kim tends to look and sound like LaToya Jackson on crack, Princess Superstar comes off as a lady with clever wit and hooks to match. When I say hooks, I'm not talking Naught By Nature-style choruses, but lines that you'll remember long after this is over. In "I Hope I Sell A Lot Of Records This Christmastime", she talks about hoping her record will sell a lot, but knows delays can slow everything down. The last verse is sharp, when she asks the listener how they are listening to the song. After running down the list she says it doesn't matter, because you have consumed a bit of the Princess and she's now in your soul.

    The music on this track was produced by that handsome boy himself, Prince Paul, so you know the humor also lies in the beats, the strings, and whatever is going on in the back. But unlike other projects where Paul tends to show up talking about the frickas, this is Princess Superstar's ballgame and her position is made clear throughout the song. I wasn't aware of her when she released two albums, but I'm already hooked and ready for the third. It's the charm.

    — by John Book

    Article reprinted without permission.