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  • Vibe Review of Princess Superstar Is

    4 Records (Exceptional)

    Princess Superstar is a gold-lame-bikini wearing, mike wielding, rapier wit, but her top-shelf lyrics are often underestimated. On "Princess Superstar Is", her fourth full-length record, she transcends her tongue-in-cheek sexpot image, bringing on British neo-folkie Beth Orton for "Untouchable Part 2" and handling much of the album's production herself. Seh pimps out her gold-digging collaborator, underground rapper JZone, on "I love you (or at least I like you)," reunites with Kool Keith on "Keith 'N Me", then kicks it conscious with Bahamadia on "Too Much Weight." Dropping pop-culture references with skill and precision, Princess Superstar earns her cocky moniker.

    — Damien McCaffery

    Article reprinted without permission.