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  • Urb Show Review - December 2005

    Princess Superstar
    Canal Room,
    NY, NY - 9.16.05

    Princess Superstar took the stage at an almost capacity Canal Room for a CMJ showcase-record release party to promote her fifth album, My Machine. It's a concept album, based on the whole archeological rediscovery far in the future theme, that's more interesting in theory than in practice.

    Unfortunately, right before her set, a bunch of knock-off Wassily armchairs and Nicoletti couches were dragged out in front of the stage—smack in the middle of the dance floor. Maybe these were for the record execs who were sitting in the VIP section, we'll never know, and they were quickly taken away by Superstar devotee hipsters.

    Thankfully, Princess left the concept album idea in the studio and concentrated on her trademark brand of performance art: Slutty outfits and a wicked lyric delivery. Backed up by TK, the Princess let her flow rip up the dance floor and by the time she reached the fifth bar of her first song, her fans were dancing on top of the soft furnishings. She blistered through some of the more popular tracks off of My Machine, including "10,000 Hits" and "Sex, Drugs and Drugs" in her opening salvo before moving on to classic PS cuts like "I Hope I Sell a Lot of Records at Christmastime" and "Keith 'N Me."

    Digital projections of the Princess on the cover of magazines such as Time, Life and Rolling Stone, among others, most likely at the direction of her PR rep, bathed the stage, ostensibly to support her concept album persona. It looked kind of weird. The crowd reacted as most NY crowds do when subjected to a major barrage of publicity combined with a musical performance—most nodded their heads, rolled their eyes and took in the Princess's midriff, miniskirt and bustier while a couple of dozen hardcore fans gamely popped-n-locked up in front of the stage. The Princess, never one to shy away from the bright lights, gave it up as though she were in front of a stadium of adoring fans. By the time she dropped her signature ghetto-booty hit "Fuck Me on the Dancefloor," it looked as if she had made herself some new converts.

    Words by Jeremy Dillahunt; Photo by Tina Paul

    Article reprinted without permission.