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  • Urb Review of Princess Superstar Is

    4/5 Stars

    The hyper self-aware Ms. Superstar beats lazy reviewers to the punch by likening herself to a female Eminem, a white Lil' Kim, a female Kool Keith and a black Shirley Temple all on the same track. While each comparison does an adequate job at sounding the depths of this media darling's ironic wit, the real insight behind the dropped names in in their shared star quality. It's what divides the Slim Shadys from the Cages of the world and distinguishes Princess Superstar's adolescent fascination with masturbation and male hoes from tepid hoochie rap. Add that to the fact that she can move rhymes like retail and has a fashionista's flair for stylish beat-smithing, and you're left with one thoroughly clever and entertaining piece of haute couture sleaze. The album's most unforgettable bit of sass is the brilliant "Bad Babysitter" which stars Mr. Eon of High & Mighty as the uninterested father and reads like a letter that could be printed in the pages of both Seventeen and Penthouse Forum. "Aight kid you gotta go to bed, " she declares, "I know it's only six but my boy just came over and he wants me to give him head." Most of the other high-profile collabs work just as smartly-especially the sexcapade with Kool Keith and the gigolo chronicle with J-Zone-but the chemistry isn't quite there with Bahamadia or Beth Orton. Those slight lulls aside, Princess Superstar Is an essential slice of purple prose for both the hip-hop and post-Cosmo sets.

    — Darren Keast

    Article reprinted without permission.