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  • Unknown?? Review of CEO

    Princess Superstar combines the bravado of fellow East Villager Jon Spencer with a playful hip-hop/punk blend that recalls the Beastie Boys. On the band's 1995 debut, frontwoman Concetta Kirschner rapped about her roots in white suburbia. But on their second album, CEO, Kirschner and bandmates turn their attention to the music business; "Stuck In a 401 K-Hole" sets the answering machine messages of record company weasels to circus music and backing beats. While the Princess's hilarious pop-culture references are constant, CEO explores a wide range of musical styles from funk and old school hip-hop to post-punk. With her genre-bashing songs and inventive rhymes, the Princess is right when she proclaims that she's "movin' on up, like Weezie."

    — Wendy Mitchen

    Article reprinted without permission.