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  • Stain Review of CEO

    Fuckin' PRINCESS SUPERSTAR's Concetta Kirschner has gotta be, in my eyes the hardest working, hip-hop recording artist (with a brain and a record company, without a budget) that makes kick-ass rap with a rough edge in a clever and realistic, dry style. They are a full-on band, with Princess Concetta on guitar, Casio Tonebank and mic, along with the new lineup: Kareem "Ski Love Ski" Bunton on bass, DJ Science Center /Michael Caffrey on turntables and guitar, and Money Mike Linn on drums. It amazes me PRINCESS SUPERSTAR hasn't gotten (as far as I know) the big time, worldwide status it deserves. Why is it we are forced to endure the wimpy-ass stylings of some MTV simpleton getting more attention with material that can't even compete with P.S's first release Strictly Platinum. Now we have CEO, an irresistible brand of riot-hip-hop (radio-safe versions included) for those of you who like a little substance to your music.

    — DP

    Article reprinted without permission.