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  • Sunday Sport Preview of Fuck Me on the Dancefloor

    Bad Babysitter Wants to Fuck Me on the Dancefloor!
    Hurrah! More quality filth from the female Eminem

    When bad-girl rapper Princess Superstar whispers in your ear: "Fuck me on the dancefloor" you better sup up your pint and get in there!

    The Princess, dubbed the female Eminem for her X-rated lyrics and healthy love of sex, is hoping her latest single will cause even more of a storm than her last.

    That was Bad Babysitter, an everyday tale of masterbation, cross-dressing, sex, porn, theft and bedwetting!

    The 28-year-old New York rapper, who counts Radio 1's Sara Cox, Jarvis Cocker and Sex in the City star Sarah Jessica Parker among her celeb pals, says: "I'm a feminist with my tits out!" Yeah, thanks for that, Princess.

    Fuck Me on the Dancefloor, on which she appears as a guest of Disco D, is, my young friends tell me, "a dirty, pure loop ghettotech monster."

    So to mark it's release, let's all look at some of the words to Bad Babysitter and perhaps work up to a little release of our own:

    "I sit on the floor and masterbate and then call my boyfriend Gabe.

    "I know it's only six but my boy came over and he wants me to give him head.

    "Next time you see Vicky the spot'll be sticky cuz I sucked his dicky and used your mum's cucumber!"

    Now if only we could get Charlotte Church to do a cover version!

    Article reprinted without permission.