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  • The Source Review of Last of the Great 20th Century Composers

    Princess Superstar has talent. As executive producer of her debut, Last of the Great 20th Century Composers, she has created an album filled with personality, clever wordplay, gimmicks, and imitation. The record begins with a skit set sometime in the next millennium as archaeologists discover her vinyl while excavating the ruins of New York City. Dating her work back to the end of the 20th century, they deem her the last of the great 20th century composers.

    Princess' songs combine a bit of everything: house, techno, electronics, hip-hop and then some. Her parodies of current pop hits show that she appreciates popular culture. But the highlight of the album is "Kool Keith's Ass," a hysterically witty piece about well, various butts.

    Princess' music is much like a boutique—geared for certain people with eclectic tastes. But she also aims to shock like a female version of the Beastie Boys. She runs from extreme left to extreme right without apology or warning, which is both her strength and weakness.

    Jessica Koslow

    Article reprinted without permission.