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  • Seattle Weekly Review of Last of the Great 20th Century Composers

    June 8, 2000

    Boldly going where no white chick has gone before, Concetta Kirschner resurrects electro funk and merges it with slutty attitude and slippery slang delivery on Princess Superstar's Last of the Great 20th Centruy Composers. Featuring guest spots from Kool Keith, John Forte, Jon Spencer, and Prince Paul, the hip-hop-meets-smartass approach isn't as confusing or as corny as it might sound. Kirschner doesn't shoot straight from the hips, but wiggles around with a lick of the lips. "I've been thinking about Kool Keith's ass for a long time now," she raps without irony on - what else? - "Kool Keith's Ass" over a gurglin electro soundtrack. Her rhymes flitter past Keith himslef and the track's creepy crawly beat, while "NYC Cunt" gives a wink and a nod to ghetto tech's hyperfast nasty beats, sandwiched between acid squelchy noises usually reserved for hard trance. If you're searching for a definition to slap on Princess Superstar, you may be out of luck; there's no equivalent for this collision of hip-hop, punk rock, pop, techno, electro, and funk. It's pure anarchy. Kirschner does Debbie Harry one better on "Do It Like A Robot," only raunchier, ruder and way cooler: "Advance on mechanicals unstoppable I'm topical/Invent new robot shit like butt mixed with popsicle-What?/It's the Babygotbacical." Kirschner turns rhymes likes tricks, flipping them inside out; she repeats the phrase "I like sex" just in case you didn't get it at first. For the disc's closer, "My Life," she lets it go slow and low-giving the listener a peek at what a more subdued and introspective Superstar might sound like. "I just wanna sing a song about my life," she sings simply, sweetly.

    Tricia Romano

    Article reprinted without permission.