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  • Rockrgrl Review of CEO

    "Princess Superstar: Stressed for Success"

    "Don't quit your day job," goes the bromide. Usually this advice is a warning to the less-than-talented that they are less than talented. But for Concetta Kirschner, leader of Princess Superstar, it's because her day job provided the inspiration for the band's current album, CEO, and for the inspiration for founding A Big Rich Major Label. Let gangsta rappers spew about making bucks in the underworld. Kirschner knows that corporate executives are making millions while the corporate peons are downsized.

    As is common for indie rockers, Kirschner also holds a day job. But rather than working somewhere music-related, she punches the clock at the Financial Women's Association. "The whole thing about where I work is that it's for women who are in the financial industry and doing it for themselves. They loved the fact that I've done this and especially that my record's called CEO. I Was inspired a lot by working there," says Kirschner. It was through that connection that she got a loan from the Women's Venture Fund, which works with young women entrepreneurs, to start her own label. It was also through her job that she was able to arrange shooting the album's cover photo at the American Stock Exchange.

    — Marci Cohen

    Article reprinted without permission.