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  • Resonance Review of My Machine

    Concetta Kirschner wants to party with you, concept-record style. Here on her fifth full-length, she plays all her face cards: couplet ryhmes delivered with an excess of swagger and braggadocio, DJ-savvy beat choices and one hugely hedonistic master narrative. In the beginning, a mid-grade celebrity wants it all. A mere 25 tracks later, with intros, outros, and tweaked voiceovers jutting in like univited hangers-on, the protagonist has spat on the biz, the life, the Grammys, and—more than once—Britney Spears. Over-the-top numbers like "Sex, Drugs and Drugs" and the narcissism-gone-nuts of "Perfect" ring the most bells. Though it has been Kirschner's career-long obsession, the Princess need no longer act like she's being denied full-on royalty status, just as long as she continues to make the occassional nasty party jam.

    - Chris Toenes

    Article reprinted without permission.