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  • College Music Journal's "On the Verge" Review of Strictly Platinum

    Nobody is as cool as Concetta Kirschner, the eponymous princess of this New York Lower East Side band. Given her blonde B-52s hairstyle, retro clothes and media-hound references, one might expect her rap style to come off as pretentious indie-slack talk, but she obviously doesn't take herself too seriously; "I'm White" ("and I'm from Pennsylvania"), from her debut album Strictly Platinum (5th Beetle), lists all the white surburban things she's done (wore clothes from the Gap, drove the Jeep her parents bought her) over a plethora of samples. Like the Beastie Boys', Princess Superstar's style is cobbled together from references to many different musical and media sources: Alex Trebek, marshmallow fluff, the Beatles, Rick James and Urkel of Family Matters, among many others. And Stricly Platnium's songs are just as chaotic—chaning rhythms and production qualities mid-stream—but none of these distrations can take away from Princess Superstar's incredible charm.

    — Megan Frampton

    Article reprinted without permission.