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  • NOW Magazine Show Review

    "NY's Princess Superstar hits with the glitz"

    One of the biggest thrills at Exclaim! magazine's fourth anniversary bash wasn't so much the talent - which was good, more on that later - but the setting.

    Fanning out across the third floor of the Masonic Temple, the celebration took in rooms never before used by the public. Bulls aren't often allowed into china shops, so who could resist a rare opportunity to spill beer and litter cigarette butts in the Mason's holy place while scoping the lacquered woodwork?

    Privileged with being the first band to rock out the upper sanctum, New York's Princess Superstar provided bemused attendees with something more festive than the room's white dull walls, though drawing attention away from a shining star in the middle of the floor proved a greater feat. Still, Princess Superstar's mix of chunky-punky riffs and white-trash hiphop was inviting enough, at once glammy and sleazy.

    Superstar star Concetta Kirschner has little in common with fellow NYC slummers and hiphoppers the Beastie Boys and Luscious Jackson. In fact, with her wrap-around shades, peroxided mane and new wave shirt, she came off more like a 90s-era Blondie.

    Refreshingly free of pretension, Princess Superstar's sole aim seemed to be provoking serious fun. If their sonic grab bag happens to be considered innovative, then cool. Before wrapping up their local debut, Princess Superstar gave the worked-up crowd a ragged, spontaneous medley of Rush, Alanis Morissette, and Bryan Adams hits - something "real" superstars wouldn't dare do. Now that's entertainment. Princess Superstar plays the 360 Club tonight (Thursday, April 11).

    — Andrew Sun

    Article reprinted without permission.