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  • Mojo Review of Princess Superstar Is

    From US alt rock's rap diva of choice, a fourth LP with a guestlist that includes both Kool Keith and the less hip-hop-oriented Beth Orton

    "If you wanna compare me," she chirps on Welcome to My World, "like, the white Lil' Kim or the female Kool Keith--OK, I'm the black Shirley Temple." For the record, Princess Superstar is a white Hispanic (real name: Concetta Kirschner) who has made waves in New York hip-hop here roping in Company Flow's Mr. Len and High & Mighty on the hilarious Bad Babysitter. Aside from Ms. Kirschner's agreeably poppy beats (which, unlike most rappers of any colour, she mostly produced herself), her appeal lies in her ryhmes, which are rarely anything but extremely saucy ("I won't beat around the bush," she coos on the steamy duet Keith N' Me, "so you can beat around mine"), but bypass the grim-faced sexual 'mirth' of Eminem and his many peers, male or female.

    — Andrew Perry

    Article reprinted without permission.