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  • Mixer Review of Last of the Great 20th Century Composers

    For all those indie rock bastards who make fun of dance music and use all their over-educated cleverness to write bad guitar songs about food and dogs, Princess Superstar puts her money where her ass is and turns out the best beatbox bitchiness since Tarrie B. "Do It Like a Robot" is hell-yeah electro, with a Jon Spencer mix to boot for an even dirtier boogie. The rap stuff can sound a little like Luscious Jackson with beats that are dolled up with no place go. But anybody who can get Prince Paul to produce a holiday song called "I Hope I Sell A Lot Of Records At Christmastime" plus Kool Keith discussing the merits of putting either his or Princess' ass on her record cover, is okay by me. The resulting track about Kool Keith's ass is as funny as it is good. Plus the CD comes with four video games where you help the Princess fight off the major-label giant, including one where she has to navigate a minefield of cell phones while Tommy Hilfiger chases her to nail down an endorsement.

    Hobey Echlin

    Article reprinted without permission.