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  • Melody Maker Review of Come Up to My Room

    4 Stars out of 5

    PSST! Mate, over 'ere! Forget your Eminems an' all that soft-core shite-'ave a gander at this. 34 multi-remixed minutes of non-stop, no-holds-barred 'ardcore, rumpo-rap aksheyuuun! Bums, bits, front bottoms, the lot. Dirtier than "Charlotte Church Sings the Hits of Notorious BIG"

    P: "I liked that, in a really horrible way. It's very amusing."

    C: "And extra points for mentioning that many nice words."

    P: "Can we have a little PC comment in the corner saying it's really sexist bollocks? I could really relate to that. In Sweden we always run around hassling people, singing about how big our cocks our. I'd love to hear the radio version. It'd be like 'I'll come upon your htmpfffffpp!' The sleeve is absolutely horrible. I thought it was going to be one of those Swedish Venga things, the really horrible shit."

    Hmm. There seems to be a picture on the CD itself of a woman on all-fours, with the central hole very provocatively placed.

    P: "Yeah so if you like the CD that much you can actually shag it!"

    — Par Wiksten and Christina Bergmark from "The Wannadies"

    Article reprinted without permission.