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  • Magnet Review of CEO

    CEO is a music-biz concept album derived from lofty ambitions of Princess Superstar's Concetta Kirschner. Starting with the "Receptionist's Fantasy," this over-the-top rock/hip-hop opera follows our sweet young thing through her travails in a world of corporate sleaze mongering and financial orgasms. Replete with pie charts and our heroine ending up "Stuck in a 401 K-Hole," this is a downright clever piece of product. On top of that, Concetta raps and roars through a kitsh-ridden blender of contemporary beats, power chords, samples and rhythm tracks that move like lightning and shake like thunder. Do I like it? Hell, no. This woman's aethetic sensibilities are obviously working overtime to get to the top and she doesn't care who's music she has to step on to get there. It's like being seduced by Gordon Gecko in the movie Wall Street—you're blinded by all the glitz and glamour and then can't bear to look at yourself the morning after. This doesn't mean Princess Superstar won't succeed in her own quest for world domination or that she can't take me out to, uh, dinner in effort to see things her way. Wait, you mean to tell me I wasn't supposed to take the concept seriously?

    — Mitch Myers

    Article reprinted without permission.