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  • LA Weekly Review of Princess Superstar Is

    After her debut, Strictly Platinum, journalists were quick to coin Princess Superstar as "the female Eminem" and the "white Li'l Kim." Well, she beats 'em at their own typecasting game on sparkling single "Welcome to My World" with the most apt label yet: "Here's your brain on Princess Superstar - pretty mental/Fine, I'm the Black Shirley Temple." With cameos from Bahamadia, Beth Orton and Kool Keith, the helium-voiced anti-diva (née Concetta Kirschner) grinds out rhymes like a Cuisinart on her new release, Princess Superstar Is. But there's more to Princess than acid putdowns, monster libido and nonstop braggadocio; this gifted MC can parse her words to fit styles as unlikely as the Gregorian chant-fueled "You Get Mad at Napster," the funk-sleaze come-on "Wet, Wet, Wet" or the fluffy "Bad Baby Sitta," a nympho manifesto that will have parents across America double-checking sitter references.

    — Andrew Lentz

    Article reprinted without permission.