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  • LA Weekly Review of Last of the Great 20th Century Composers

    These two albums from the paler side of the rap apectrum are living proof that 1) being/sounding white is the hottest new trend in hip hop since parachute pants, and 2)Prince Paul could make fingernails on a chalkboard sound dulcet.

    The clown Princess only produces one of Princess Superstar's songs (I Hope I sell a Lot of Records at Christmastime") but a twisted knack for humor is shared by both. For Superstar, her cup overfloweth with winking witticisms and smarmy self-irony as she updates Deborah Harry's rap-pop fusions for the '00s. Crossing Vally Girl drawl, Third Coast flows and porno panting, she slams syllables into songs like "Do It Like a Robot and "Meet You Halfway," backed up by a digital sotrm of electro-funk effects and old-school drum bursts. Sex is a central theme on much of the album, though the most eXXXplicit song, "Come Up to My Room," is perhaps the album's most banal. Superstar shines far brighter on "Kool Keith's Ass," where her low-end lust for Keith's derriere spooks even hip-hop's freakiest fellow.

    Article reprinted without permission.