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  • Insomniac Review of Last of the Great 20th Century Composers

    What do you get when you blend two parts retro disco, with two teaspoons of punk, five ounces of feminine attitude, a cup of chopped funk beats, a healthy helping of hip hop rhymes, and a swig of electronica? The answer is: I'm not quite sure, but if you mixed it with a flashy diva, it would probably sound close to Princess Superstar's newest album. Truly a good variety of sounds mixed together with Princess' bugged, but good rhymes, is what this project is comprised of. Song's like "Year Two Thousand" featuring John Forte aren't too much off the beaten path. In fact a clea mix (no cursing) might very well garner some commercial radio play. On the song "Kool Keith's Ass," Princess takes on an almost obsessive fan/stalking persona in her mission to save (or get) Kool Keith's rear. Her rhymes are even delivered in a "Kool Keith" fashion. Overall, her rhymes have a very unique delivery, and are quite humorous, in a sincere way. The refreshing attitude, creative ambiance, and overall sound of "Last of the Great 20th Century Composers" makes it a project worth having; and puts Princess Superstar on the list of potential future eccentric music royalty.

    — Iz-Real

    Article reprinted without permission.