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  • Ink Nineteen Review of CEO

    In a word: brilliant! Princess Superstar, well known in the East Village as a very enduring and powerful pop group, have decided to come a multi-national corporation!

    The band's pre-corporate image was updated 1970s white funk, with lots of glitter rock and pwerful guitars, and don't forget the flashy halter top. Well, they've kept most of that, and you can still see front woman Concetta Kirschner's "assets," but now Princess Superstar is Princess Superstar, Inc., with an emphasis on aggressive growth through such monetary vehicles as 1970s white funk...

    Of course, worship of Mammon is plenty of fun, as evidenced on such songs as "The Little Freakazoid Who Could," "Stuck in the 401 K-Hole," and "Gimme All Your $$." The latter track being offered in their prospectus as the "tax deductible mix." the band further exhibits a strong business acumen with their "corporate radio sell-out mix" of the title cut and the excellent "Supersize the Downsize."

    I think that Princess Superstar is a smart tool for building funky wealth, and I encourage those looking for their money to work for them to invest in CEO.

    OK, enough of trying to be funny with the Wall Street lingo; Princess Superstar paly great, fun party funk music. This is for everyone!

    — David Lee Beowulf

    Article reprinted without permission.