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  • Hip Hop Connection Review of Princess Superstar Is

    4 Stars

    Princess Superstar is "the black Shirley Temple"

    Let's start with the obvious. Princess Superstar is something of a rarity in hip-hop. First off, being a princess, she's a she. Secondly, she's a white she. Thirdly, she's a physically attractive white she who came into rap through 'alternative' music. These factors might lead the less open minded to expect too little of our Princess. But I urge you first to examine the facts: this album features her buddies Kool Keith, The High & Mighty, J-Zone and Chops from The Mountain Brothers - not a bunch of fellas known for collaborating with trendy non-starters. Then listen to the record itself. Princess Superstar is funny, cutting, rude and, figuratively speaking at least, has balls the size of a small central European principality. Add to this a flow, imaginative beats, a welcome sense of melody, and you're on to something. File next to Paul Barman.

    'Bad Babysitter', 'Keith 'N Me', 'Wet! Wet! Wet!'

    James McNally

    Article reprinted without permission.