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  • The Guardian Review of Princess Superstar Is

    4/5 Stars

    Being a Jewish female MC wins New Yorker Concetta Kirschner novelty points, but Her Royal Nastiness is more than a novelty act. Just when you thought women rappers saw music as something to fill the hours between shopping, Princess Superstar's third album brings a sharper, funnier twist on ancient hip-hop themes. That she consistently gets the better of her male guests goes without saying, but she does it with wit, unexpected imagery ("Eating Cinnabons at a mall on Mars," she swoons on the porno-love ditty Keith 'n' Me) and utter lack of respect for genre boundaries. Her flair for pop and beyond reaps results: the choir on You Get Mad at Napster (which hilariously dismembers pretentious rivals) sounds as uncontrived as Beth Orton warbling darkly on Untouchable Part 2. But it's Princess's barbed observations, such as her wish to emulate Eminem and play to "a million white faces in Dayton", that make this album a bit of a treasure.

    Article reprinted without permission.