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  • Fast Forward Weekly Review of Princess Superstar Is

    4/5 Stars

    This sassy queen bee (a.k.a. Concetta Kirschner) collaborates with Kool Keith, JZone, Sinista, Chops of the Mountain Brothers, Beth Orton, Herbaliser and others for her fourth effort.

    Princess Superstar is the kind of girl who'd send her boyfriends crying for mommy. Smirking her way through witty one-liners, this NYC soul sister fully turns the table on recurring male-centric hip-hopisms, but manages to keep the boys nippin' at her heels anyway. Her smart-alec quips are more down and dirty this time around, and Princess keeps the grooves as slyly refreshing as her attitude.

    — Aubrey McInnis

    Article reprinted without permission.