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  • Elemental Review of Last of the Great 20th Century Composers

    Take a cheesy, blonde bimbo, a sex-crazy master of the beat, and the originator of the hip-hop skit, put them together in a studio for a few months, and whadda-ya-get? One of the most brilliantly bizarre packages of hip-hop and electro mayhem you'll ever pick up.

    Princess Superstar has teamed up with Kool Keith and Prince Paul to create what many will see as a masterpiece of audio art. Set sometime in the next century, the CD, "Last of the Great 20th Century Composers," begins with the discovery of a 'huge pile of vinyl discs' that one of the explorers explains were a primitive means of recording what historians refer to as 'music'. In the year 2000, corrupt corporations and major labels destroyed the creativity in music and, as a result, all of the records were piled high and burned. This really sets the tone for the record, which disses the majors on more than one occassion.

    The music itself is trippy, insane, and beat-o-licious. Very old-school-esque. Princess rhymes like Eminem, both in style and content. Her rhymes are always paired with lively beats and witty funny-as-shit skits and situations. The first track, "Do It Like A Robot," starts off with a straight 808 beat under laser shots, a synthesized treble tick and some moog synth. The princess lays down sultry verses over the robotic voice [a la Planet Rock] proclaiming "Do it like a robot!" "I Hope I Sell a lot of Records at Christmastime" features a jolly Xmas beat complete with sleigh bells and the Princess rhyming about getting paid off Christmas record sales. Hell yeah. Another track is all about Kool Keith's ass. Tight rhymes by MCs like Baron Ricks and John Forte add to the hip-hop essence of this record.

    But wait, this isn't only a record. It's one of those way-too-much-free-time-on-your-hands multimedia extravaganzas. Also on the disc is the Princess Superstar video game. It's actually four games in one, all featuring the princess in her never-ending battle against stank men, greedy labels, and the almighty dollar. From the Mortal Combat style battle of rhymes in which a 3-D animated Princess battles MCs trying to bite her rhymes to the Asteroids style attack of the major labels to the primitive game involving the the Princess's attempts to escape from the stanky colonge-wearing men. The shit is mad funny, and done very well.

    From any angle, this record is worth getting. The production work is experiemental, eccentric, and masterful. It's danceable and funny as shit at the same time. From a musical standpoint, think Salt-n-Pepa or Silk Tymes Leather—some of the best of female hip-hop crews. Records like this don't make it out every day, or every year for that matter. It takes a lotta balls to put together this collection of fresh-ass beats and retro sounding tracks, but the Corrupt Conglomerate has assembled such an incredible group of talent, it comes off perfectly. This is truly some next level shit.

    Article reprinted without permission.