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    Pentonville Prison, London - 2001

    "I'm a bad babysitter, got my boyfriend in the shower," hollers New York rapper Princess Superstar. It's her first UK gig, held in a prison officer's social club, to promote her new album and our bottle blond, dirty talking, superfly Princess is laying it on thick. Just two songs into the show and she's already changed costume, and judging by the sauced up Britney-style garb she's wearing now things could get very heated indeed.

    With fellow rapper 7even on stage along with a bass player, a DJ and backed by a DAT, PS is giving it large. She finishes the song and dashes off backstage. "She's probably fucking somebody back there," yells 7even.

    Jarvis Cocker just warmed up with a DJ set and he's no less surprised than the rest of the ultra trendy crowd when PS bowls back in wearing a red felt hat, a grey overcoat and a spangly Union Jack bikini top with black troos. She delivers 'Untouchable Part 1' and the beautiful 'Untouchable Part 2' with aplomb before harking back to older tunes with the 80s sounding 'Do It Like A Robot.'

    'Trouble' and 'Too Much Weight' follow and then she's done while every person in this strange venue is stomping and cheering for more. "We've been going through a lot of shit in New York," shouts PS on her return. "So let's hear it for New York City." The crowd cheer and PS turns her back on the throng, opens her coat and raises her arms in the air.

    "Now let's hear it for New York Titty," she screams, turning her back to face the crowd with nought but two bits of 'I heart New York' tape covering her ample, milky white orbs. A true superstar.

    Article reprinted without permission.