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    Westbeth - 3/96

    Watching and listening to Princess Superstar is an exlosion of every bit of pop culture from the 60's to present day. I've heard people throw them into the white bread hip-hop arena, I think they have more in common with Blackspoiltation movie themes. Concetta Kirschner is quite the frontsperson. She's captivating without being contrived and too aware of herself. This band seems to have exploded onto the scene from nowhere. I'd say it would be time well spent in rehearsal as the changes are pretty sloppy. However it didn't seem to matter on this particular night. Everyone had a great time. I didn't see their whole show but I have to mention Double Dong which is one of the craziest and sidesplitting acts I've seen. Two guys who only use their voices to create their hip-hop-scratch influenced songs. The singer (he who actually songs words) looked so much like actor Crispin Glover it only added to the wacky unreality of the set.

    Article reprinted without permission.