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  • Daily Star Show Review - September 2005

    It was a right royal performance from Princess Superstar at the Smirnoff Real Talent Awards.

    The real rapper, aka Concetta Kirschner, burst onto the stage like an angry canary in her bright yellow hoodie and told the world to rap off.

    Her sleazy, but forgettable lyrics were as fresh as the bagels from her New York hometown.

    But the once angry young woman was more M&#amp;Ms than Eminem as she rapped about her "coochie coo."

    A dead ringer for Debbie Harry, she whipped up the crowd with a rant against our obsession with celebs.

    The mistress of mischief proved she's still one of the only supafly white girls on the mic.

    - Elisa Roche

    Article reprinted without permission.