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  • Dagger Review of Strictly Platinum

    The label is from Canada but I think the band is from NYC and why they aren't huge yet I have no idea. It consists of 4 people but the Princess is Concetta Kirschner (Perhaps related to Don Kirschner of "Rock Concert" fame) and she's in your face all the way. She's got a freaky, bleached-blond hairstyle (Think B-52's), I guess kind of what a "blond basket" would be? The clothing is fully retro and she even mentions Urkel in a song so if you think you're a pop reference-meister, think again. Not unlike a female Beastie Boys but even more on-the-ball and entertaining. Really, you've gotta hear "I'm So...", "Smooth", and perhaps the wildest, most spliced-up adventure yet, "I'm White" proudly states all the things a white, suburband slacker does to waste his life away until he dies and thank god I'm one of them. Sample opening lyric: "I'm white... and I'm from Pennsylvania, I don't have goals and I don't have a pager!". Totally great. Seek this out at all costs.

    Article reprinted without permission.