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  • Contemporary Review of Princess Superstar Is

    Best Albums Ever — On the eve of Tate Liverpool's exhibition remix: contemporary art and pop music, Cedar Lewisohn reviews the latest crop of gospel techno, zulu jazz and twisted bubble gum pop

    ... Talking of the best ever, have you heard Princess Superstar? That her latest record is regularly played on Radio 1 could lead to questions in the House, if only they knew. Bad Babysitter is the twisted tale of a 14 year-old babysitter from the south side of Hell. Set to the most addictive bubblegum pop cartoon Hop bass you will ever hear, the lyrics in this rhyme would make nastyman Fred West wince; from 'I'm a bad babysitter, I've got my boyfriend in your shower, WOOP, I'm making 6 bucks an hour' to 'Listen kid, I've got a camera. I'll take a picture, post it on the Internet and show that little girl you like, Sarah.' And it gets worse. Produced by self-proclaimed 'sex maniac' and number one MC in the world, original bad boy Kool Keith, it was always gonna be dark, but do they have to be so mean? ...

    Article reprinted without permission.