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  • College Music Journal Review of Strictly Platinum

    Concetta Kirschner, the "princess" in Princess Superstar, is a white ("I'm White") chick from Pennsylvania living on New York's Lower East Side whose mockingly self-titled, record is a fresh blend of beats, attitude annoyingly clever lyrics ("If I were a sandwich I'd be a triple-deck") and quixotic production. Like that of Luscious Jackson and the Beastie Boys, Princess Superstar's m.o. is to process many bits of pop culture ("I got more rhymes than John's got Peel Sessions") through a wildly diversemelange of beats, samples and live instruments. When played live, the guitars/bass/drums have the same sloppy aesthetic as traditional indie-rock, but Kirschner's usually well-chosen samples add a little bit of frosting to the cake. Her brat/princess/scenester personality is much more appealing on record than in description, her rhymes name-checking her life and the junk - food and TV - she ingests. Her rap style is more urban hipster than homegirl, and the closest comparison (and not a pejorative one) is Blondie's Deborah Harry in "Rapture." Strictly Platinum is so now it's scary, but Princess Superstar is more than just a bunch of NYC scenesters laying down beats, urban catch-phrases and pop references: the band breaks and blends genres as easily as scrambled eggs. Strictly excellent: "Blue Beretta," "I'm So..," and "Fried Chicken: A Day in the Life."

    Article reprinted without permission.