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  • College Music Journal Preview of My Machine

    Princess Superstar Is a Futurehead
    June 10, 2005

    The high priestess of filthy five-dollar-words and luscious loquaciousness, NYC's own Princess Superstar, is returning in September with her fifth record, and most ambitious one to date. Abondoning her Dennis Miller-addled iconoclastic rap schtick, the Princess has totally gone electro on the upcoming My Machine, rapping cheekily about her cheeks over skeletal digital gurgle produced by Jacques Lu Cont, Junior Sanchez, Armand Van Helden, Todd Terry and, of course, her damn self. My Machine is a 25-track, darn-near-80 minute concept album about a dystopian future world where kids are named after advertising slogans and entertainment is an archaic, outmoded concept—think Peaches meets Infinite Jest.

    The storyline of My Machine is so dense, hilarious, frightening, moving and loaded with subtext that it makes that Streets album look like My Pet Goat. My Machine drops on September 13 on the mighty !K7. Keep your mind and ass free!

    Article reprinted without permission.