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  • CMJ (College Music Journal) "Must Hear" for Last of the Great 20th Century Composers

    On her two previous self-released albums, Princess Superstar (born Concetta Kirschner) has skillfully proven her deadly aim when using a microphone as her weapon of choice. On 1997's CEO, the Princess took shots at the corporate lifestyle and large record companies, and hit her mark with sassiness, attitude and smarts. Her fourth album, Last Of The Great 2Oth Century Composers, is a not-to be-missed slice of audio art on which this master manipulator of pop-culture references (think Eminem and Prince Paul) can make listeners nod in agreement and laugh with delight. Last Of The Great...unfolds as a futuristic concept album, beginning with archeologist discovering a Princes Superstar recording from the year 2000—a time when big business had a stranglehold on musical creativity. Songs such as "I Hope I Sell A Lot Of Records At Christmastime" and the "Planet Rock' styled electro-funk of "Do It Like A Robot" are slick-tongued, booty jigglin' jams that should help this brilliantly eccentric rhyme diva reach new ears. With Prince Paul Kool Keith and Jon Spencer all on the roster, this wild extravaganza of sounds and ghetto-fresh beats is impossible to pass up.

    — Glen Sansone

    Article reprinted without permission.