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  • Bust Review of Last of the Great 20th Century Composers

    Princess Superstar is a BUSTy favorite, make no bones about it, and not just because she is fiercely committed to the independent spirit (although that is certainly appealing). She's a hip-hop connoisseur, with a quick Courtney-esque mind, lyrical talent in the realm of Beck-y magic and can rap and rhyme with the best of them. She's also not afraid to give the nod to people she admires/hates to Janet Jackson to Marilyn Monroe to the Spice Girls. She even pays homage to Donna Summer's "Love to Love You, Baby" in "Love/Hate to Be a Player," as she harmonizes (or is it more of a moan?) underneath her ryhmes. She's also happy to tell you about her personal proclivities, as in how much she likes to get down in "Sex (I Like)," how she is such a cunt in "NYC Cunt," and ever so proud of her heritage (she's half a jew, like Rod Carew). Lots of interesting mix master appearances here, from Kool Keith (who not only mixes but plays and raps) to Jon Spencer (who remixes "Do It Like a Robot") to That Dog's Petra Haden, lending a musician's hand. As ever, the Princess, (a.k.a. Concetta Kirschner) puts out, DIY-like, and doesn't fall short.

    — Betty Boob

    Article reprinted without permission.