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  • Blowback Review of My Machine

    Hmmm, concept albums. Fraught with danger no? Well, not always it seems. Princess Superstar has cracked this particular nut by taking herself anything but seriously - no Wakeman-esque wankfest this. Princess canters through a loose narrative involving a technological and commercial dystopian vision with 10,000 'duplicant' Princess Superstars providing entertainment to all human kind. To be honest, humanity could probably do worse. Trademark smutty humour, great flow and an injection of vogueish Electro-House elements to the generally tight production makes this an entertaining and energetic listen. Intelligent, personal and political, Superstar continues to be an antidote to much that is wrong with the scene.

    Credits: 10,000 hot duplicants in silver catsuits, 'My Machine: The Musical' coming to schools and church halls near you soon.

    Article reprinted without permission.