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  • BlackBook Preview of My Machine

    How to Dress a Princess
    Fall Preview 2005

    When it comes to imagining apocalyptic, sex-filled science-fiction fantasies for her avant-garde rhymes, rap diva Princess Superstar needs no help; but when it comes to fashion, she lets the pros take over. For her fifth album, My Machine, Her Majesty imagines a not-too-distant future in which children are named after ad slogans and, more importantly, every celebrity in the world is a clone of the Princess herself. As befits such a radically "out there" concept album, My Machine comes packed with photos of the Princess posing as various characters from the album while outfitted in custom couture by Heatherette's Richie Rich, as well as by House of Diehl. "I invent the music and the whole concept, and then I collaborate with designers or art directors," says Princess of the visual creative process. "No one's going to tell me how I'm going to do my music, so I pick people—I have really good taste—and then I let them do whatever they want. The resulting look is completely deconstructive and futuristic. It's perfect."

    — Jason Wool

    Article reprinted without permission.