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  • Aquarian Weekly Review of Strictly Platinum

    Strictly Platinum is the title of the debut LP from New York's funky rockers Princess Superstar. The rock/hip-hop hybrid vocalist/guitarist Concetta Kirschner, bassist Doug "Fancy Pants" Pressman, guitarist/vocalist Art "F" Lavis and drummer Kirsten Pro Jansen - recorded the new LP late last year for Canadian indie Fifth Beetle Records.

    The resulting effort is the equivalent of tossing Boss Hog, Unsane, Juliana Hatfield and the Lunachicks into a blender and mixing on high for 10 hours: Funky blues with a noisy undertone that'll make your nose bleed for days.

    "Theme Song" kicks in with the band's anthem and catchy chorus of "Princess Superstar," then gives way to the funkafied hip hop 'n' blues boogie of "Blue Berretta," before the band kick some Beastie style ass on "Flavis Special." The easiest way to describe Strictly Platinum would be if you were spinning both Luscious Jackson's Natural Ingredients and the Beasties' Paul's Boutique at 45 rpms while repeatedly hitting a coke bottle bong.

    What's perhaps more terrifying than the band's new album is the fact that Princess Superstar let it all hang out while on stage, where they've paralyzed millions of Gothemites over the past two years.

    Article reprinted without permission.