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  • The Aquarian Weekly Review of CEO

    Wow, this shit is dope-or is the dope the shit? Whatever. Musically, conceptually, even financially, it's all ingenious. Light-years from their debut, Strictly Platinum, lady Superstar Concetta Kirschner, after enduring several major line-up changes, have stuck gold with this group of players who get bizzy like their rumps are dipped in Tabasco. Like Kevin Smith's credit card-maxed gamble on Clerks, CEO was similarly financed by the plastic fantastic. If this risk doesn't pay off, I'll be fucking shocked; for it already makes Luscious Jackson sound crusty and boring.

    Unlike may similarly scoped avant-fun(k)-hop peers from the Grand Royal camp, who often lose the groove in over-indulgent experimentalism that can instantly stop the hips and raise the brows, P.S. never stray from the premise of a song. "Fuck the Phone" is a lighter, goofier Boss Hog which I guess makes it a Roscoe P. Coltrane. "I'm In Love With The Music Biz" and "Stuck in a 401-K Plan" are hilarious flip-offs to courting corporate slimeballs, and guitarist Art "F"Lavis lends his phancy-phat phingerwork to "Get My Sh'Off," "Righteous" and "Cold Tea, LLC."

    DJ Science Center is the new sound superstar on this disc, seamlessly weaving dizzying sound collages and chunky beats. "Supersize the Downsize" takes a meandering slab of Pavement guitar and matches it to the soulful vocals of Luscious Lake and Ebony Jet before jumping headfirst into "For Those About to Rock" AC/DC riffing, somehow resulting in ambient funk.

    This record defies expectations and categorization, like Ill Communication without the sleepy drawn-out instrumentals. From beginning to end it is chock-full of fresh tasty nuggets, fly humor, inventive sampling, a DIY ethic, and irresistible grooves even I can dance to (with about 20 beers in me). Fuck MTV's To Go, get your groove on to CEO.

    — by Chris Uhl

    Article reprinted without permission.