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  • Alternative Press Review of Strictly Platinum

    Rating: Supreme manifestation of godhead! (5 fingers ~ highest possible)

    First off, anyone with the name Concetta on her driver's license has more than every right to refer to herself as "Princess" anything. Secondly, anyone who gives "props" to Rick James, Barry Adamson, Terminator X, the Greateful Dead, and Uncle Wiggly certainly deserves your attention. And of course, Princess Superstar (nee New Yorker Concetta Kirschner and her band of apparel-challenged co-conspirators) qualify on both accounts.

    Positively dripping with postmodern panache, Concetta and crew spoon up healthy dollops of white-folk funk, taking the oh-so-straight-ahead groove of a group like Luscious Jackson and the sideglance goofball-ism of the Beastie Boys and mixing it all up with bits of Eartha Kitt's vampy sexuality, Urge Overkill's chic overload and, of course, a backbeat that just won't stop. To be sure, there's some yuks to be had thanks to Strictly Platinum: the now classic "I'm White" (in which Concetta praises her own surburban upbringing), the faux-block party boast of "Flavis Special" (complete with a "King of Rock" - style rip) and the straight-up Beastie Boys-on-Dada take of "Blue Beretta" ("I got more ryhmes than John's got Peel Sessions" ...um, what?). But don't be fooled by the "70's haberdashery or the off-the-cuff rhymin' and stealin'. Princess Superstar - regardless of how full of themselves they are - are pretty legitimate hip-hop contenders and certainly are not trying to heirs to the Fresh Prince/3rd Bass crown.

    Yeah, if you got a system boomin' out the G-Funk, Princess Superstar might strike you as pretty lame. But, if you yearn for the days when a rap record was both exciting and innovative, as well as fun, Strictly Platinum has got your name scrawled across it... in neon peach lipstick.

    Article reprinted without permission.