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  • Playboy Interview (April 2002)

    "The Princess Takes Off Her Glass Slipper"

    Under the name Princess Superstar, Concetta Kirschner makes genre-crushing music that she calls flip-flop-best described as a mix of hip-hop, punk, techno, funk, and electronica. Her new CD, Princess Superstar Is, is smart, funny, and playfully pornographic. We called her up with some questions.

    Playboy: You're always compared to someone else-you're called the female Eminem, the white Lil' Kim. What would you rather be known as?

    PS: The hip-hop Iggy Pop, or the hip-hop Martha Stewart.

    Playboy: Pick one: Whitney or Mariah?

    PS: I gotta say Whitney, because she is fucking insane.

    Playboy: But Mariah was just in the mental hospital.

    PS: I know, but she doesn't get onstage and slur and be on drugs in front of millions of people-and get a billion dollar deal. And Mariah has got to stop dressing like a teenager.

    Playboy: Tony Soprano or Homer Simpson?

    PS: Homer! The Simpsons has inspired my art. I don't know if you remember the episode where Mr. Burns goes crazy about killing animals to make clothes-he sings a song that goes, "See my vest, see my vest!" and the vest is a gorilla's chest. I put that in my song Love/Hate to Be a Player: "See my vest, see my vest, take it off, see my chest."

    Playboy: In Bad Babysitter, you sing: "All right, kid, you gotta go to bed/I know it's only six, but my boy just came over and he wants me to give him head/Sit his bare ass on the couch where you watch Small Wonder/Next time you see Vicki, the spot'll be sticky 'cause I just sucked his dicky." That is a bad babysitter!

    PS: Actually, I was quite a good babysitter. I always made sure the kid was in bed before I did the more naughty stuff.

    Playboy: Is there anything you'd like to say now to the kids that you babysat?

    PS: You're lucky you were babysat by Princess Superstar. How many other kids can say that?

    Playboy: Brtiney Spears' new thing is that she's "not a girl, not yet a woman." Do you have any advice for her on how to grow up?

    PS: I think Micheal Jackson feels the same way-not a girl, not yet a woman. Maybe they could get together…just go somewhere far away.

    Playboy: What do you care to say to the young men of America about your sex life?

    PS: I need a date! I'm so busy, and it's been difficult for me to find the one. Somebody with a huge…brain. He's got to be into what he does, creative, sexy and not afraid to take risks-in life and in the nasty.

    Written by Anaheed Alani

    Article reprinted without permission.