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  • Urb Feature 2004

    Princess Superstar Channels Pink Floyd: Everyone's favorite bad babysitter plots her return

    "It's like The Wall," begins Concetta Kirschner, aka Princess Superstar, speaking about her new concept album due out by winter. "But its futuristic."

    The former URB cover star says she's been working on her fifth artist effort for about a year, amassing 16 tracks from sessions in New Jersey, New York and London. "It's kind of exciting because its a new atmosphere for me," she says of working in Britain's capital city. "I did some recording with Les Rythmes Digitales. He has a really small attic in his house and I'm sitting there in a chair and doing my vocals and he's like, 'Oh, Madonna sat there and did her vocals there too.'"

    Superstar said she also met up with Felix Da Housecat while in the UK, for "My Coochie Coochie Coo," which is about her female "area."

    "It was really spur of the moment," she recalls of the recording. "We were just sitting around in Arthur Baker's restaurant, hanging out with this guy in a band called Ex-Lover. They had a studio and I was like, 'Let's go,' and we made this track." Junior Sanchez will also feature in the mix, producing "Simulate It."

    Written by Jolie Lash

    Article reprinted without permission.