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  • Planet Magazine Feature (The Air Issue / Spring 2002)

    Prince's music in the early '80s was so damn sexy, I'm convinced it spawned offspring. His musical children began breaking through on the international music scene just as he reclaimed his name in 2000. Music perverts like Peaches, DJ Assault and Kool Keith took sex in music from the verge of being obscene to "Girl, let me touch you there." And then there's Prince's most royal offspring, New York's saucy Princess Superstar.

    The blonde-haired, second-time teenager sits across from me in a low-cut black top, waxing nostalgic about those dirty songs that made us all nervous and excited growing up: "Erotic City", "Little Red Corvette", "Nasty Girl". "'Darling Nicki': that song changed my life!", confesses the Princess. "I was young and I was like 'What the fuck?' It was so naughty, like the naughtiest thing you could do was play that song." So what did she do? She went out and made songs that were even naughtier. And while the man formerly known as a symbol had his harem of juicy female backups (Wendy & Lisa, Vanity, Appolonia), Princess Superstar works her act with fawning men as her sidekicks.

    "Music is a male-oriented market," she says, "I think that most men want to see women being a certain way. They don't want them to be all hard, or else it's too masculine for them. I definitely walk both sides of the line. I like to be sexy, but then again there's a real feminist side to what I do."

    Being a Princess and a nascent superstar, Concetta Kirschner isn't content with role-playing just one fantasy for her listeners. Her 4th LP, Princess Superstar Is (Corrupt Conglomerate / Rapster / Studio !K7) features our heroine as the dirty babysitter, the dance-floor diva, tech geek, censorship activist, femme fatale, Mama's girl, a game show winner, a "sensitive Pieces" and Kool Keith's "consenting" girlfriend. "I just called him up and was like, ' Keith, I wanna do a love song with you.' I don't think he really expected I was gonna come at him like that. He was like DAMN!" And when she drops lines like, "do my makeup in the mirror while I sit on your face," her listeners probably feel the same way.

    The Italian-Jewish Superstar never had a Marsha Brady phase, which may explain why she's going through one right now. She wants to be the center of attention, like the unnoticed high school girl who's transformed herself into a knockout for the reunion. "I was more like a tomboy. But I did want to be a Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader! I really loved their jean cutoffs." But for all the sexual innuendo, Princess Superstar is seriously business. She runs her own record company (with partner Louise), writes, plays and produces her own songs and is constantly performing. "I always remained independent because I felt that was the way I was really going to be the most creative and most innovative, and have the most sticking power. I'm so grateful that I did because although I worked my ass off, it's paying off now."

    What makes the bold and the beautiful Princess Superstar irresistible is her sense of humor. She samples her Mother ("That's great honey!"), and delivers goofball lines that are hip-hop knee slappers ("I'm kinkier than pubic hair"). Of course you'd expect the Princess to be talented and beautiful, but she's funny too. Yet in the end, it's her classic rap ego and double-time rhyming that allows the Princess to back her title up.

    Story: Todd Rosenberg
    Photography: Allison Michael Orenstein

    Article reprinted without permission.