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  • Paper Magazine Preview of Princess Superstar Is

    "It's kind of like having a baby," says Princess Superstar, aka Concetta Kirschner, of her upcoming fall album, tenatively titled Princess Superstar Is... (Corrupt Conglomerate/Rapster/Studio!K7). "I'm scared of what happends when I finish—I'll feel fulfilled, buth then I'll have nothing to do." She talks with her hands, all glittery gold head wrap, buxom beneath her halter top. The other customers at Le Gamin, a French eatery in the West Village, stare.

    Subtlety isn't Princess Superstar's strong suit.

    The rapper and owner of the Corrupt Conglomerate label claimed underground hip-hop's attention with "I Hope I Sell a Lot of Records at Christmastime," a single with Prince Paul. Her T-shirts read: "Fuck Off, I'm Princess Superstar." The sleeve art for her previous album, Last of the Great 20th Century Composers, shows her walking through New York's Chinatown wearing bikini bottoms and gold paint.

    Featuring her usual roundup of hip-hop's weirder and ???????—Kool Keith, Mr. Len, the Herbaliser, Bahamedia, and the High and Mighty (aka the Smut Peddlers)—and cyberfolk singer Beth Orton, the new album promises more of Princess Superstar's trademark humor. "There's one track I just finished. It's called 'Bad Babysitter.' The chorus goes, "I'm a bad baby-sitter; got my boyfriend in the shower—whoop! Makin' six bucks an hour," she raps and laughs. "I think I have an exploring nature—I like stuff that's hilarious but pensive. If you don't have both, things can be boring. I think you're allowed to be emotional but still funny."

    — Jonathan Durbin

    Article reprinted without permission.