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  • Ottawa Citizen Feature (January 2002)

    No Lady Eminem

    Concetta Kirschner grew up in suburban Pennsylvania, but the sassy, raunchy brand of hip-hop she performs as Princess Superstar has helped transform her into rhyming royalty in New York City.

    Princess Superstar got her start with a small Windsor-based record label in 1994, but now operates independently and professes nothing but contempt for the major labels that courted her.

    "They said, 'You should do this,' and 'You should do that' but it was never about what I really wanted to do," says Princess Superstar, speaking from New York after a morning workout at the gym. "Canada was the first country to really show me love."

    Her fourth and latest album, Princess Superstar Is, features collaborations with The Herbaliser and Beth Orton. Princess Superstar describes herself as "a hip-hop Fugazi" because of her fierce independent streak. She says hammering out a place for a white woman has been a challenge and is particularly unimpressed with frequent comparisons made by critics to hip hop bad boy Eminem.

    "I think it's ridiculous," she says. "Maybe it's because we both have blonde hair, but all throughout my career I would get compared to different things. If you listen to my whole album it doesn't sound like Eminem. It doesn't sound like anybody."

    Article reprinted without permission.