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  • Concetta's Mix Tape for NME (2002)

    Princess Superstar: Burn It!
    Her royal rhymeness the queen trash rapper picks her ten favorite songs for the ultimate babysitting soundtrack.

    1) Black Sheep - Strobelight Honey
    "Black Sheep are from New York or New Jersey and this song is a perfect combination of sex and humour, I don't know where it went in hip-hop. 'Strobelight Honey' came out in '89 or '91, I forgot. The band were just funny, man, they made up the funniest shit. This song talks about seeing this girl from afar and she looks real hot in the strobe light and then you get up close and she's really ugly. And he's, like, 'Eat some pretzels, go play some video/Thank you for your time, honey, but ho I gotta go '. "

    2) Tenacious D - The Road
    "It's Jack Black and this guy named Kyle KG and they're the most brilliant fucking comedy duo in the world. They're so amazing and the record is actually good - it's produced by The Dust Brothers. It takes the piss out of classic rock, but it does it in such a way that the songs are actually good. They leave all the hooks in it, and it's all done so specifically that you end up liking the song. The lyrics are beyond funny. He's like (sings), 'Take off your blouse and your underpants... Man, i'd like to place my hands upon your fuckin ' sexy ass and squeeze!'. It's genious! 'The Road' is all about being on tour and he's like, 'Why can't I stay in one place/For more than two days"/WHYYYY?!'. I know the feeling, man, I know the feeling."

    3) DJ Shadow - The Number Song
    "It's from the album 'Endtroducing'. That's great either for jogging or Xing (ie taking ecstasy), hahahaha! The song goes, 'one, two, three, four, five, break down, baby!' and then there's this massive, industrial kind of sound. God, there's nothing better than that song. Is it good for funning and taking ecstasy at the same time? I haven't tried. I'd take two steps and I'd be like '(Sighing) Yeah, I feel the burn'. Ecstasy's been in fashion on the hip-hop scene for a long time now. It'll be virtual reality or something next."

    4) Roni Size - New Forms
    "This track has Bahamadia on it and I just love it because it's so different from anything else - I mean, it's just so beautiful. The whole album's incredible, I love jogging to this, too."

    5) The Stooges - Loose
    "This song is from the 'Fun House' album. It's so raw and sex and dirty and punk rock - it's probably his best work, but I love the shit he did with David Bowie too. Speaking of him…"

    6) David Bowie - Station to Station
    "Have you seen how English my list is? It's not even intentional. I love this track and (Bowie's) 'TVC 15' - in fact the whole 'Station to Station' album is so crazy and funky and conceptual. This track is long - you can put on your make-up and be done by the end of the song. It's from his real, mid-70s cocaine period. I don't know whether drugs are beneficial to musicians - it's a tough call. All the famous musicians have gone through their druggy period. I say, do everything in moderation, but you should at least try things once."

    7) Pink Floyd - The Great Gig in the Sky
    "This is an old-school classic, from 'Dark Side of the Moon'. I just love the whole conceptual artiness to it - it's so over the top, but brilliant in the same way. It's incredible. I love the way the black woman wails on this track (wails for a bit). Yeah man! The mid-'70s was such a fertile time for music - and I'm kinda fertile myself (falls about laughing). Are Pink Floyd a bit depressing? Yeah, a little bit, but that's OK. And speaking of depressing…

    8) Radiohead - Karma Police
    "There's another track I prefer on 'OK Computer' but I forgot the title. I generally never like the single on people's albums. I fuckin' hate 'Bad Babysitter' (roars with laughter). But this album was an incredible mix of rock and electronics, just incredibly well-composed. I listen to it when I want to fall asleep (chuckles). I'd love to collaborate with Thom Yorke - get his ass on a hip-hop track. That would be hot."

    9) Slick Rick - Children's Story
    "He was one of the first to make up crazy stories and characters and everybody copied that after. Everyone from ODB to me (laughs). The beat is so incredible, it makes everybody dance. I DJ as well, and when you throw that shit on, there's no stopping the dancefloor. He went off the rails a bit, yes, but whatever - he's still a legend. I've sampled him on a song I did called 'Stinky Cologne'."

    10) Princess Superstar - You Get Mad at Napster
    "It's a perfect combination of hip-hop, punk rock and French old lace. You know. Serge Gainsbourg-style. The song's me being mad at a few different ex-boyfriends. It's quite funny, but it's also quite emotional - it's got that perfect balance. In terms of burning CDs, I can't disapprove, because I remember being a little kid and making tapes. I think if you're burning CDs, you get someone into the band and then they buy the album - that's cool. But music should be free."

    Published in NME (New Musical Express) on March 2, 2002
    Text: Alex Needham

    Article reprinted without permission.