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    She's foul-mouthed, she's trash, she raps. Just don't call her the female Eminem.

    Princess Superstar strides into the interview room, curvaceous body poured into a low-cut jump suit and platinum hair topped with a Gucci sun visor. She has entered the building and she won't be leaving until she's made an impression. It doesn't take long. The Princess, a white-trash, mouthy rapper who produces her own tracks, has just finished her fourth album, Princess Superstar Is. But don't dare call her the female Eminem. No. Princess prefers to call herself "the black Shirley Temple." Who? "She was a dancing and singing living doll back in the 50s," says Princess about the child star. "She was an entertainer—a spunky little Miss USA." But clean-cut Temple would never have nodded along to the Superstar's raps about male hos, pimpin or X, the drug that the slow-coach US hop-hip scene has only recently got into. Princess doesn't see much evidence that it's putting a smile on the face of the rap scene, mind. "It's not all love, you know," she laughs, "it's still New York City!" Not that she was born and bred in the big apple; she grew up in rural Pennsylvania. Could she have been the female Kid Rock then? "Oh god no, I hate him." And with that she's off to raise hell in a record store near you. Don't say you weren't warned.

    Article reprinted without permission.