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  • Jane Magazine Sex Diary

    [Ok folks here is the REAL diary Concetta wrote for Jane Magazine that got edited and changed to be suitable for Jane Mag!]

    Recently a gay guy friend of mine told me about a place called The Gaiety where gorgeous naked men dance. Now, I'm as horny as the next housewife, but something about seeing a guy dancin' around with a big ol stiffy to bad techno doesn't quite cut it. However, I decided to bite the big bullet and take a peep. With my lady crew in tow—Stephanie (one lovely Jane editor), Luscious, and Louise—we stepped up the hallowed halls of The Gaiety and took our seats in a tiny dark theatre filled with ALL (mostly older) male patrons. I was prepared for Chippendale-style leopard thongs and big bulky stocky dudes in cheesy rip away T-shirts (ew!), but nothing prepared me for the corn-fed, blonde, tattooed honey named 'Rob' who came out on the small stage, and proceeded to strip to his undies, all the while looking at us with meaningful glances. Then suddenly, he disappeared and the stage was empty for almost a whole song. What the hell was going on? All of a sudden with a great flourish Rob pushed away the silver lame streamers and came out on stage completely nude with his INCREDIBLE unit pointing towards the heavens. I gripped my chair while he moved slowly around the stage, touching himself and flashing those baby blues at me. I totally fell into that typical fantasy of "this stripper really likes me and wants me!" that must go on a million times over to men in chick strip joints. But the thing was, besides my bodacious cohorts, I WAS the only girl there, and damn was it great. At one point I figured that if I had a pint of chocolate Haagan Dasz I couldn't really ask for much more in life. Almost every single guy that came out was extra flirty to us and they even wanted to hang out after the show (that story will be for next Sex Diary, um, if Penthouse will print it!!!) Hot guy after hot guy came out, all with the hugest packages, and if you could drown out the scary music (a Disco/House version of "Ride Like the Wind"? Oh.My.God.) and the scary hippy Tiva sandals that the strippers were fond of wearing, you were in Dick Disneyland. It was so hot and empowering at the same time to be able to shamelessly look at a guy any which way you wanted to. it was exactly the type of 'flippin the script' this Princess enjoys. We all left there so happy we knew why they called it the Gaiety!

    Concetta "Princess Superstar" Kirschner

    Article reprinted without permission.