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  • Hip Hop Connection Feature of Princess Superstar

    She's brassy, ballsy, and in-yer-face...

    New York's Princess Superstar describes herself as "part Wonder Woman, part porn-star, part high-powered executive." High-powered executive? This Princess, also known as Concetta Kirschner, divides her time between music, running her own label (The Corrupt Conglomerate) and a secretarial career in Manhattan's financial center. Speaking from her desk on the 17th floor, of a Park Avenue skyscraper she explains in her foxiest drawl how a white girl from Pennsylvania has wound up moonlighting as a hip-hop artiste.

    "I've always loved hip-hop. The first time I heard Kurtis Blow I was totally intrigued. Then in 1994 I thought I'd have a go at rapping so I practiced and practiced and here I am six years later. Some folks kinda liked it and wrote about it and the next day all these major labels were calling me and taking me out to dinner. They said, "We love what you're doing Concetta, but you've got to stop rapping." I said "Hell no" and signed to an independant and put out my first record, 'Strictly Platinum.' Then the label folded so in '97 I set up my own label (A Big Rich Major Label) and put out my second record, 'CEO.' Recently I renamed the label The Corrupt Conglomerate."

    Following the successful mix of rhymes lampoonin the music business and eclectic samples of 'CEO' is a volume three of the Princess Superstar story, 'Last of the Great 20th Century Composers.' An off-the-wall breeze through various hip-hop styles. It features Prince Paul and Kool Keith and is held together by her kooky humour. She's also got the X-Ecutioners demonstrating their remix skills on the first single from the new album. Her success, however, isn't just built on those old staples talent and personality, but a sound business plan. The secret?

    "I charge everything to my credit card. I pay my distributors then suck as much money as possible from the Internet. I borrow money from everyone I know then I switch around my credit cards so I'm always on the introductory offer with the lowest rate of interest."

    But despite the critical acclain she's already amassed for her records, she admits that the cash flow remains tight at The Corrupt Conglomerate. "All I've got is a stack of press and I can't put that in the bank, but I'm not going to be poor for long because I'm Princess Superstar."

    With this much self-belief it might just happen.

    Article reprinted without permission.