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    My two least favorite words in the English language are "pantsuit" and "buttfuck." While I assumed that Concetta "Princess Superstar" Kirschner, hip-hop's newest sultry sex kitten, was too hip to rock a business-casual pantsuit to our interview, I somehow knew that we would end up talking about taking it in the caboose. You see, this self-proclaimed princess reveres the rear. Not only does she dedicate two tracks to the backdoor, she has a big Hirschfeld-esque drawing of her own sweet ass on front of her latest album, The Last of the Great 20th Century Composers. So, I only thought it appropriate to ask her how her ass admiration filters into her sex life.

    "So you've never done it," she quickly asks me, as though I'm some type of anti-ass monster. Cleverly, Concetta now had me defending my feelings about anal sex, simultaneously freeing her from any further interrogation - for the moment. Yet, I was determined to get the scoop on the poop. That's when she explained that her ass fetish had little to do with the dreaded "buttfuck."

    "My whole album isn't about anal sex," says Princess. "Its about butts! Like South Park-type butts. I'm trying to flip around all these preconceived notions. Like, all these current rappers talk about girls with the big butts, blah, blah, blah. I'm flipping everything on its head. I'm the one talking about ass. I'm talking about Kool Keith's ass. I'm totally taking gender stereotypes and flipping them."

    An intellectual ass woman? Interesting. And breaking gender stereotypes isn't the only way she flips the script. She's also white. While in today's hip-hop world whiteness is considered a novelty by some, she can't just get on the mic, flash some T&A, and expect to get respect. (Although sporting a skimpy negligee on stage never hurt a girl, did it?) But, she's achieving success the old fashioned way.

    "I have flow," she says confidently. "I worked my fucking ass off to get this flow. And that's what I love about this genre. You have to be really fucking smart to know how to rhyme. You have to understand language on a really intense level to be a good rapper. Like when I come up with a really good rhyme or a good cadence thing, I feel like Shakespeare, or Shakes the Clown."

    Nick Weidenfield

    Article reprinted without permission.